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Baekhyunnie! It’s our 1st monthsary today~ You haven’t forgetten have you? Hmm… I’m sure you haven’t right? Today is an important day cause you know… It’s our 1st monthsary and it’s really bad if one of us forgets right? So urm… I’ve been writing this letter for a couple of days now, stopping and starting, writing stuff then deleting things again, adding and taking some away because I just wanted this to be somewhat… Perfect. But I think it’s just going to be cheese on paper…

Remember that night we had that argument? And the next night you came back home and I told you was thinking about things? And I told you… You know; I was thinking about your smile, your weird personality, how much I love you and how much you mean to me. That was the day where I was fully open at being cheesy at you. And then I began to be full on cheesy sending you this paragragh; [I hope you remember this, if not -shows my fist- keke kidding~] 

"I love you, you mean the world to me. Everytime I talk to you, I always feel this fluffy feeling inside of me. Every kiss you give me makes my heart pump harder and faster than it should do and your hugs make me feel safe all the time. I want to make a promise; that I will love you forever and that you’ll be the only one in my life no one else. I will protect you from any harm and will not cause you any pain or heartache."

Urgh… It’s like the return of the cheese monster… But hey! You believe those right? Because those are not just empty words that I decided to just say to you that night. I really meant that and I still do okay? I hope you know that and didn’t think those are just silly little things I told you. I mean it. 

Oh.. Do you remember my list of 'Baekhyun's Weird'? I told you about 6 of them because I only thought of 6 that night I told you but for the past few weeks I’ve been spending with you, I got to list a few more for my list of ‘Baekhyun’s Weird’. Shall I list them? Merh, I shall! 

Baekhyun’s Weird: 

1. Baekhyunnie can be cheesy 

Like me! 

2. Baekhyunnie runs away from me quite a lot

You still do but I kinda find it adorable and it makes me think that you’re just shy around me keke~ 

3. You like to tease me

What’s so fun about teasing me?! You take a right good advantage of my weak point! Urgh. Stupid tease. My stupid tease. 

4. You can be difficult at times

I kinda love it because it’s a bit of a struggle for me and it heightens my love for you and I strive to show you that and it reminds me how much love I have for you.

5. Baekhyunnie likes to hit and throw stuff at me….

Hmm you don’t seem to do that to me lately… I think you replaced that weird by kicking me in the crotch lately…

6. Sometimes you tend to show your violent Baekhyunnie side to me

This is the like a link to the #5 one keke~

7. I still have no clue of your weak point 

Urgh. Let me know your weak point already! I don’t know why this is in the list but I find it weird for some reason that you won’t let me know!

8. I stole Baekhyunnie’s first kiss!!!!

Not exactly a Baekhyun’s weird but yeah… keke~

9. You thinks I’m bad for you (?!?!?!??!)

This is definitely a very Baekhyun’s weird point. How am I bad for you hmm? You love me too much? Is that that bad to love someone too much? Cause I don’t think so… ehehe…

10. Horny Bacon. 

I don’t exactly find this weird but it’s kinda surprising to me sometimes when you initiate stuff first but I love it~!

11. Your random needs for showers and baths

This is definitely VERY WEIRD…

12. That stupid teddy bear of yours!

What’s with that bear?! Seriously…

13. Your favourite places; the sofa in the living room and the bedroom

I noticed Baekhyunnie likes to go to these places around the house a lot keke~

14.You gets so shy easily around me

I don’t think you should be shy around me silly~ It’s just me. Just Park Chanyeol. Your boyfriend…

15. Bipolar Baekhyunnie

Hmm….. This ^

16. You have a thing for my sexy body

Again.. Not really a Baekhyun’s weird but I just wanted to put this in hehe

17. Cuddly and kissy Baekhyunnie

Same reason for #10.

18. Thinks I watch porn and like girls in bikinis…

I don’t like porn! Unless Baekhyun’s in it -wink- And girl’s in bikinis?! Really? Ew. 

19l. Your habit of crying so easily

Baby why do you cry so much hmm? Don’t cry so much… It sometimes worries me and hurts me a lot because you cry…

20. All of Byun Baekhyun.

All of Byun Baekhyun is weird and I love it. 

Okay so those are my list. Hmm it doesn’t seem to be that long but trust me, it will grow~ So urm… Yeah…. I don’t know what to write now… Keke… I love you. I keep reminding you that don’t I? I bet it gets tiring but I always want to let you know that everyday so that you won’t ever forget. I want Baekhyun to remember that I love him always. ALWAYS. I’m so happy to still be with you, Baekhyun-ah. You mean so much to me, okay? I love you. I love you. I love you. I don’t ever want to lose you. If ever I do, I don’t I’ll ever be the same…

You’re my Baekhyun. My one and only Baekhyun.

Don’t ever leave me and even if you try to leave me, you should know already that I will keep clinging onto you. You know how much I love to cling right? Keke~ 

So yeah… 


This is kinda ending awkwardly now…


I love you. 

Happy 1 month anniversary! <3

Love from your one and only Park Chanyeol. 

P.S That teddy bear of yours has to go… So here; 

It’s a giant so be careful it might squish you…. <3
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